What is Arbolet?

We want to introduce ourselves to you.

We are a team of professionals who have taken the opportunity to operate on the crypto market, as the crypto world has captivated us thanks to a wide range of new opportunities. It offers us almost unlimited possibilities to develop and contribute to the growing awareness of an ever-wider population of people who are beginning to deal with this new thing.

As this world is almost unlimited, our team is expanding with new experts, mostly our regular users. We give them the opportunity to become self-employed in this sector.

There is a lot of work, and every skillful user is welcome. We are open-minded and considering of your every idea. We strive to be as close as possible to users, communicate and discuss with them, but mainly to allow people access to information and education in the crypto market; that is our base goal.

We started from scratch, and in a few years, we have developed into the company that offers the broadest possible use in the Czech crypto market. It is time for us to head to the world market. Whether we are successful will depend mainly on our quality of services and you - our satisfied users.

We established Arbolet corp. in Panama, as an offshore company, because it is a possible way of doing business and for now we want to keep our anonymity. We protect not only ourselves but also our users and our know-how, which has a strong potential for the future. Of course, our company's main goal is to expand our branch network both in Europe and in other countries of the world, so that every user of our products is provided with the highest level of comfort. This expansion, which has already begun, will take a lot of time and energy, but we look forward to it. We have chosen this path and it is our nearest goal.

Our company has also begun to spread the word about fraudulent companies in the crypto market where we regularly inform our users in the form of articles or the user forum about these projects and thus, protect our users from possible investment in such projects. Our interest is in ethical behavior only, and therefore we have decided to warn people about some projects and warn users against this risk.

Certainly, our services will be extended in the future by other useful activities. We can all look forward to the future of an entire crypto industry.

Our work is best described by the following passage of the Membership Manifesto:
  1. Educate your family and friends. The first of the ways to contribute to the joint work is to spread awareness, explain, and educate people who are not involved in the crypto world. Our company's website is direct guidance to the crypto space.
  2. Do you play with pictures or even videos? Start processing them thematically and placing them on the internet. People like pictures and can easily remember them. We will gladly help and support you. Humor and joke provided in these materials should be a matter of course.
  3. Are you interested in the topic of Bitcoin and would like to process articles on this topic? One of the main parts of our work is to inform about the news in the crypto world. Become an editor, and you can start contributing among other editors to our news.
  4. Do you speak English, Polish and are free several hours a week? That's great. A lot of people do not speak English. You can translate articles for them. Let us know, and we will agree on the conditions.
  5. Do you want to do business? Suggest a topic of focus and your plan. We will be happy to advise you. If you do not know, we have plenty of business plans available. Just write and explain what you want to do. Do you know how many e-shops support payments via BTC in the world? Our company already has a fully-fledged system for these online businesses, join us.
  6. Can you create websites? Create a website that will be a real source of news. We will be happy to advise you and recommend you to others. If your websites are good, we would like to sponsor campaigns which will increase website traffic.
  7. What about, establishing and operating a BTC ATM in your city? We can provide knowledge and funds to you.
  8. Our company is focused on technology development , so there is plenty of room for experienced IT and self-realization as we work on the development of many other products.
  9. Collaboration is either already already underway on projects or in preparation, some of them are mentioned in the VČJ (High Ranked Members) section and at the same time it is stated whether it is still possible to join or the project is at full capacity.
  10. Do you have a completely different idea? Write to us, and we will discuss it because by thought great things arise
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