Terms and conditions

Arbolet offers an assistant during the sign up process, to determine how secure the password is. Help and FAQs describe how users can protect their account. Emphasis is placed on the basics of creating a secure password. Additionally, Arbolet allows users to enter a 4-digit PIN code to access their wallet and use 2FA to sign in to their account. In case of unclarity with the security settings, there is support available for users, who will be happy to help.

Therefore, Arbolet is not responsible for theft of the account and loss of the funds if the users ignore these security measures and their password is stolen by a hacker, or use the same password for multiple services, or the password is stolen in public Wi-Fi networks.

The user is fully responsible for the security of his account in terms of choosing a password and setting up security features.

If suspicious activity is detected in a user account, the system may block that account. For example, creating many accounts from one IP address, or attempting to abuse the system, or triggering any malicious scripts or softwares, which use bots.

In case of a misunderstanding, this temporary block will be resolved via ticket support in the category 'Technical'.

The account may be also blocked due to suspicious activity during often and repeated (scalping) transfers between wallets. Arbolet has not been created for intraday trading, and if the users use scalping, Arbolet reserves the right to block funds on the account, after which the deposit will be returned to the users and the funds acquired by scalping will be confiscated. Arbolet is not an exchange, but allows the conversion of BTC to aUSD, and vice versa, for a minimum price difference (spread). Multiple conversions during short intervals (several minutes) can be considered as scalping, which is not allowed.

Arbolet is not responsible for the continuous operation of transfers between wallets without outages.

Any manipulation of fund transfers manually or using software is prohibited.

Failure to report or even abuse the system for personal enrichment at the expense of honest members is considered to be a violation of the rules. This behavior may result in the suspension of the account and confiscation of unjustified profits. When finding a discrepancy, error, or an obvious technical problem, it is in your own interest to report this issue to technical support. This is a fair procedure we expect from Arbolet members.