This is just a demo version of the wallet that serves as a full version presentation. For a better idea of ​​functionality, all withdrawal times in this version are abbreviated.

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BTC address
Available balance:: 12,40350020 BTC
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Member exchange with unbeatable conditions
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Available balance:: 12,40350020 BTC
Bank deposit through smenarnabtc.cz razítko
In order to buy bitcon, it is necessary to fill out the order form on Exchange web pages by clicking:
Send the required amount to the bank account shown in the order summary, at least 5 CZK, and in the note (message for recipient) specify 012DEMO789Bitcoin purchase. Payment without this note is considered suspicious and verification will be demanded regardless of the payment amount. Indicate ID of the transfer as the variable symbol, which will appear after the order is created.

1) For buying or selling above the equivalent of €900 per day, verify at BTC Exchange
2) The highest daily limit for buying or selling is the equivalent of €14 500.
3) The fee is 2%, but the minimum charge is 20 CZK per order.
4) Please indicate the ID of transfer (ID from order summary) as the variable symbol and indicate 'Bitcoin purchase' as a note (Message for recipient).

Once the funds have been sent from the exchange to Arbolet, your wallet will show transactions as "pending". This is because it is waiting for the Exchange to send this BTC payment to Arbolet. Once BTC transaction has 3 confirmation, you will be able to see your credit in the aUSD, aEUR, aGBP, aPLN or BTC wallet.

If you want to use a different option than smenarnabtc.cz, visit here, also with instructions.
Terms and Conditions: here

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Available balance: 12,40350020 BTC


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The investment layers


Currency From layer Target layer The beginning of transfer End of transfer Input sum Balance

appreciation of the investment layers

In this section, we will focus on how we work with capital and explain how we succeed in securing declared appreciation for the investors. True, we are often able to generate an appreciation higher than what we are distributing to investors. However, we must create a stable, long term cash flow, and the development and maintenance of the system itself is not free.

Projects with short-term yield fall rather to the lower investment layers (1st and 2nd). Medium to long-term activities allow us to provide valuation in VIP member investment layers (3rd, 4th and 5th). Most of our earning activities may have a short-term and long-term nature of return, depending on the current market situation. Some activities do not bring a net capital, but for example, they increase overall crypto education, which is also worth for us.
Stablecoin arbitrage

stablecoins are cryptocurrencies whose value is bound to fiat currency. E.g. DAI Stablecoin.

Although their value is stable in the long run, there are moments of limited liquidity in the markets. Volatility by stablecoins occurs when someone puts too many orders on the market, or when the stablecoins are listed in a new exchange. Using an algorithm that signals a change of value, we make a profit. For example, in May 2018, the price of TrueUSD went up to $1.5 (Stable price is $1).

Investing in new, promising cryptocurrencies, innovative projects, long-term startups.

If we see potential in some new technology, or there are people behind the project who really want to prove something, the project is backed up by renowned business names, or is done by someone with passion present in their sensible plan - only then do we invest.

There are a few projects that have grown from scratch and brought long-term benefit and profit for people.

Providing liquidity on exchanges

there are situations where it is more advantageous to lend your own money for exchanges and to get a "certain" profit. If you know the term "marginal funding" you know what we are talking about. We have a fine-tuned strategy to achieve double-digit interest rates for this type lending.

We always try to put capital in the right place, in terms of the risk and profit ratio. For inexperienced users - when interests are generally low, we do not provide liquidity, but in the case of the high volatility, interests rates go up, and we provide the capital to earn gains.

Increasing the value of interesting cryptocurrencies, supported by marketing activity on the global market.

The non-public cooperation of members on the Global Market is the basis. (More details in the VCJ section: ). For example, December 2017 - IOTA, on which we have made a nice profit.

The dividends from forked coins

an example might be Bitcoin's most famous fork, Bitcoin cash, which was acquired by Bitcoin holders in the middle of last year. The so-called Forks are common and some cryptocurrencies have dozens of forks

"Fork" means splitting the crypto network into two. One part of the network users run on their own new network with different parameters than the original one, creating two separate networks where holders of the original coin get a new coin of the new network.

We carefully monitor when the fork is planned and then sell these coins on exchanges. For example:

Speculation and arbitration with established cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, IOT, EOS, ...)

we are working with cryptocurrencies that have the largest traded volumes on exchanges. We take advantage of exchange rate differences and we focus on short / medium and long-term trends, on the basis of which we reduce our supply in a decreasing trend or increase our supply in a rising trend

Investment into meaningful ideas and member projects

There are several examples here:

  • Krize15.cz
  • Reppy album "Fanatik" and footage clip at Malta (July 2018)
  • Bitcoin Counseling - Help absolute beginners, draw from our sources, inform and educate for free as opposed to paid courses.
  • Bitcoinonline.cz - News from the crypto world.
  • Dreamers - from dreams to reality, nothing is impossible (promotions of all kinds, such as Reppy, BTC Christmas...)
  • Atepo - Telephone support
  • Apokryp - ensures promotion at events of all kinds (for example, Rock festival in Sadská).
Buying and selling of domains related to crypto space

Investments into domains associated with cryptocurrencies and new technologies. Their subsequent development and finding a suitable buyer. Just like Bitcoins, which will be no more than 21 million, the situation is similar with domains. E.g. the Arbolet.net domain is also one, and what about the value? It can only grow with brand popularity.

Successful deals are if:

  • we sell 50 domains in one thematic package. Investors usually buy these packages because they fit with their current activities and are willing to pay extra for such a portfolio.
  • We focus on countries where Bitcoin has not gone through the initial boom.
  • In such as countries we buy domains for cheap and in a couple of years we sell them with a big profit. The strategy to buy the domains from speculants, who do not realize long-term value and can not work with domains efficiently enough, works very well. Registering random domains and collecting small profits was a practice of the past decade. Our methods are much more efficient, and therefore buying domains from short-sighted speculants cause our profit to be multiple times higher at the end of the day.

The conversion fees

The conversion fee during transfers between wallets
(More details:FAQ)

SMS authentication

The fee for SMS authentication extended package
(More details:)

Welcome to the first arbitrage wallet

An appreciation is halved until all tasks of an investment layer have been completed.

level 0 (wallet) - without appreciation, serves as deposit and withdrawal layer, and the withdrawals can be realized immediately.

The 1st investment layer (balance + output) - An appreciation of 1,5% - 3% per annum, output can be moved immediately, the transfer of funds takes 24 hours from confirmation of the transfer to the zero layer.

The 2nd investment layer (balance + output) - An appreciation of 3% - 6% per annum, output can be moved once every 3 days, the transfer of funds take 7 days from confirmation of the transfer to the zero layer.

The 3rd investment layer (balance + output) - An appreciation of 4,5% - 9% per annum, output can be moved once every 7 days, the transfer of funds take 30 days from confirmation of the transfer to the zero layer.

The 4th investment layer (balance + output) - An appreciation of 6,25% - 12,5% per annum, output can be moved once every 30 days, the transfer of funds take 182 days from confirmation of the transfer to the zero layer.

The total funds on the investment layers

12,87222334 BTC Transfers: 0,00000000 BTC
Transfers: 0,00000000 BTC

1. The Investment layer

6 % Yearly
8,4717075770 BTC
0,0208891420 BTC
Handling of the output

2. The Investment layer

10 % Yearly
4,4005157590 BTC
0,0180843113 BTC
Handling of the output
Confirmation of interest in using investment layers

I read the FAQ, and understand the terms and conditions of using investment layers. I understand why the service is anonymous and I want to be a part this community. I consider investments as a form of exit from the over-bureaucratized and incompetent banking system of today's lethargic time.