Consent to the processing and storage of data according to GDPR

What does Arbolet need from you with regards to GDPR?

Your consent is necessary.

To use your Arbolet account, you must agree to the rules below and to the processing your personal information. If you do not agree, follow the steps (see below in the text) associated with deleting / canceling your account.

What personal data does Arbolet collect?

The following list contains all the types of personal information we collect and the reason why we collect them.

E-mail address, username, and password

Your email address, username and password are collected during registration as part of your account creation. This personal data is the main personal data we collect about you. We need to have this data so we can provide you with related services with the common use of your account and any related services that are part of our website.

Forum posts, forum messages, support questions.

If you use these services, you can provide us with data that can potentially identify you as a person. Providing or failing to provide this information is a matter based on your consideration and is not a necessary part of the use of such services. We do not analyze your information that you provide, and we are not able to determine if the information that you provided may lead to the identification of you as a person. We therefore ask you share only information that can not lead to your personal identification. This will help us greatly avoid potential problems, as responsibility for this data is our responsibility as a service provider!

What other data do we collect?

History of the use of provided services
External payments received on your account for subsequent correct crediting.
Web browser version
IP address

How do we use the collected data?

We use your data primarily to provide you with the services we offer, including improving and potentially adapting to your options and expectations

Providing of services

The main reason for using the data we collect from you is to provide you with our services. Every time you complete a relevant action on our website or request information from our website, your personal and non-personal data will be processed to adequately customize your content. In some cases, services provided by us require additional non-personal data that is necessary for their proper functioning, such as PIN assignment, etc. may result in the generation of data that is linked to your account and which are stored, until you sign out of your account or you are sign out automatically.

Based on your activity, we can automatically customize the user environment.


We only use your email address for communication, mostly for service-specific events such as the confirmation of some actions, password recovery, 2FA, or answers on tickets from support. Almost all of these emails are customized for viewing mode. We occasionally send newsletters with important messages. Newsletters can be turned on / off in the user profile.

Anti-theft measures

Your IP address, browser version, activity, username, email address, and wallet addresses can be used as part of our anti-fraud system. We use this data to evaluate and subsequently identify potentially fraudulent behavior.


We do not use any of your personal information for use in advertising. Third parties have no information about you. Email can be used to send you important communications related to our services in the form of a newsletter.


In order to provide you with the highest quality of user support and ability to respond as soon as possible, all previously collected or generated the data by this service is used, including your previous inquiries. Only members of support, technical support, and the founding members of the team, have access to this data.

Internal data processing

We use your data to manage and develop our websites and related services generating analytical outputs, keeping records of your activity and activity records, and your ongoing and closed requirements regarding the services we provide. This data is collected and processed by us and is necessary for the proper operation of our services. It also serves as a source of information for making decisions about the functional changes and development of our websites and related services, and this data is also necessary to secure our websites and their content, including our collected data.

Information on our forum, we use for further development our website. This information is public for all members to be able to participate in discussions.

Improving our services

For the purpose of improving the functionality, security, performance, and user-friendliness of the services we use generated analytical and historical data. We monitor, for example, automatically generated error messages to remove software errors. We collect and also analyze support tickets to find the most requested inquiries for changes or improvements.

Is any of my data sold?

In any case, we will not sell any of the collected information!

What control do I have over my personal data?

If you delete your account, your personal information will be deleted as well.