• Who are you?

    Official statement:

    We are Arbolet. We do not want to stay idle when banks are robbing our state and bureaucracy is running rampant. We fight for freedom in the name of Cyberpunk and Cryptoanarchy. There are people who do not like us and our activity or they do not understand it and try to stop us, but we will not give up until all Czechs realize that we do not live in a free world and become aware of alternatives and possibilities; for example cryptocurrencies and anonymity on the Internet.


    Starting in 2015, we have been running our crypto service with colleagues, with whom we decided to create something really huge and our community is growing every day. As early as 2016, the Simplecoin exchange office, together with the Root community, accused us of fraud and a Ponzi scheme. At that time we did not blame them, because we began in controversy and we waited for another similar attack so we could do something that nobody expected , to disprove  the false claim that Arbolet is a Ponzi scheme.

    Our reaction was very simple. We closed for more than half a year during which we did not accept any new members. Then we acquired our only  competitor "BTCpenezenka.cz", and we gained market leadership. Technical and financial support for the establishment of, for example, the Arbolet BTC ATM in Pardubice was just another logical step (At present, the ATM blocks General Bytes - incidentally, it is the business part of the Simplecoin).

    The direct attacks, however, have ceased, and it has been over a year during which even the biggest BTC experts in the Czech Republic are not sure what they should think of us, and so they are silent. They do not understand how we actually do our service, or they do not want to understand. Either they do not have the courage to make a public online confrontation, or time to thoroughly explore the Arbolet tool. They are waiting for us to make a mistake, but we will not fail, and eventually we will prove to all that our model makes sense and we take this mission seriously.

    Since 2017, we  have been gradually demonstrating  our online influence on the world market  through our  Czech Internet activities. See, project Czech dream.



  • What is your goal?

    At the beginning, we wanted to create the largest BTC community and the most sophisticated cryptographic tool in the Czech Republic. This is hopefully what we have done, so it is necessary to  continue  further.

    Our current goal is ultimately to create a tool in the new Czech-Slovak Virtual Microeconomic System, where banks and state supervision will no longer be needed. Restricting the power of institutions that have not taken us seriously for a long time is and would be the secondary impact of our activities. The tertiary goal is ultimately to prove that the slanders about Arbolet were false. However, that will be proven with time. Time which we want to make the most of.



  • What is your vision?

    Imagine, for example, this:

    A customer pays for goods or services in an e-shop using BTC and the e-shop is also able to pay salaries to employees using BTC, all this could be done via Arbolet‘s system tools - It is a question of the future, but we are heading towards it and Arbolet is actively creating the tools and community to actualize this future. Our project motto is "it's possible even without banks," will prove to be a breakthrough. We only need people to be more informed about the benefits of bitcoin, or cryptocurrencies. Someone may argue that bitcoin fees are rapidly increasing (fees to miners) and bitcoin is not appropriate for small businesses. To that end, we have created a "member transfer" system that is anonymous, immediate, secure, and free of charge.

    Banks have nothing to do with it, so they can not claim their financial infrastructure charges, and the state can not collect taxes if it does not know for what. More on taxes in CZ in this article: https://arbolet.net/clanek/826-dane-a-bitcoin


    What other uses are there for cryptocurrencies?

    Job offers, dating sites, bazaars All-in-BTC services, Multimedia databases, etc. Actually anything that exists on the Internet is possible to take over and  set up an alternative BTC market. For the time being, this has no limits. The BTC wallet is just a building stone to make something much bigger.



  • What is your story?

    Do you want a story? What about a bunch of people who have decided to create an environment for the upcoming financial revolution? An environment for people who are increasingly beginning to look for a way out of the banking, bureaucratic and political world and its institutions, which people trust less and less. Many people just do not know how to escape this vicious circle. That is why we created something that everybody wants, or at least the vast majority of us.

    It's not just a gap in the market. It's a fathomless gap which we will fill.


  • What is the competitive advantage of Arbolet?

    The competitive advantage of our service in the Czechia is simple. There is no competition and we are the only one offering this platform in Czechia :)

    In other words, it can be summarized as follows: security, a simple and user-friendly graphical interface, the ability to manage an account in CZK - it will be appreciated by beginners. Compared with others, we also have a sophisticated learning system whereby users gradually learn how to handle and work with bitcoin and use it effectively. We have quizzes, educational articles without ads and no distracting elements. We also have a vastly extensive news section and a member´s forum. It is also worth mentioning the community, which processes the general questions of the new members in a ticket system and helps them. From others, we differ in anonymity, sophistication, sense of projects, membership and community, education, security, and above all, the great vision we fulfill. Since we have a monopoly on BTC in Czechia now, there is no competitor. The only competition was "BTCpenezenka.cz" – but as stated earlier,  we acquired it. We believe we can successfully compete in the international crypto-market as well.


  • What are the strong points of bitcoin?

    There are a lot of strong points, and there is extensive information on our website. But the most important thing for people might be the fact that it is decentralized, no one monitors you and by using information found on Arbolet, you can make your financial transactions untraceable. Bitcoin is financial freedom, which is growing steadily and beyond national borders. There are billions of people in the world, and BTC is used by only a few million. Every day, more and more people enter the BTC market. Bitcoin will grow for a long time yet, and those that are invested and interested early, will profit. Bitcoin is not only the currency of the future but also an investment item with immense potential for growth. Any crises, currency crashes, political scandals, bank ruins, and similar evidence of a financial system failure are always good news for Bitcoin. At this point, there is a massive spill over of capital into bitcoin. Our elected elites are responsible for this inadvertently, and we do not even need to help them in their own suicide.

    Bitcoin is perfect, precise, and when one starts using BTC, there is no reason to go back to the fiat. In addition, it is the perfect tool for demonstrating dissatisfaction, disagreement, and to some extent, social rebellion.

     So simply:

    They all want it, but few yet know about it. We are here from this purpose because we and our growing community are  providing active BTC education to the public.


  • How to become a Member?

    Registration is free. Just sign up.


  • Where and how can I learn to use the Arbolet functions and understand bitcoin? Isn‘t it complicated?

    We believe that bitcoin and the general crypto theme that affects everyone is for all, so its knowledge and use should not be limited and intended only for a few selected computer enthusiasts and programmers.

    Arbolet's design has been created as user-friendly and as easy to understand as possible from the start because the community itself is involved in its production. We also have thematic quizzes by means of which our members gradually, purposefully, and naturally educate themselves without pressure. Each member can then get into the whole BTC world within a short period of time, and supplement his/her knowledge by our informative puzzle games.

    Upon first time landing on the page, we recommend starting with the Arbolet user help, which opens with the orange button to the left.

    To execute transactions to and from Arbolet, there is a detailed pictorial manual for our members, currently in production and coming soon. Please see GUIDES (for unregistered members, as a preview).

    If you do not understand something, there is a user help panel on every page and our support will offer guidance. Another option is to write a request or post a question in the forum. We have also launched Cryptopedia, our member´s encyclopedia, where you will find a wealth of information and expressions to help you understand everything.

     In any case, we may recommend reading the entire FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions on this page) and find out a little more.


  • I'm an absolute crypto novice and technically illiterate! Can I handle it?

    Nooo, you will not manage it! It is like advanced astrophysics ;)

    After all, only the most intelligent, those born experts, have knowledge which is transmitted genetically, and there is no reason to develop a talent if you do not have it from birth. Well, life would be a huge tragedy, if we did not immediately understand all information, so why try :-P ?

    Come one!  ... :) Cryptocurrencies are a whole new thing. Arbolet is created as a structured cryptographic guide for beginners and advanced users. We know that people do not understand, do not know it and are afraid of it. That's why we created this system. The basic idea is knowledge and awareness and thanks to Arbolet, you can learn from the basics calmly. We are not a school, and everyone goes at their own pace. It is not complicated and we are convinced that it will be understood by every person who understands how e-mail works, for example.

    Take it easy. Every current crypto-expert was a recent beginner. When you read the help section, FAQs, basic texts on the page and you start doing quizzes and quests in our investment layers membership options, you will suddenly realize that you have gained professional knowledge beyond 99% of the current Czech population.

    In this segment, with even basic knowledge, you can "look down" on people who are unfamiliar with this thing called bitcoin. You can show off your expertise.

    For any questions, we also have "membership support" where the more experienced users offer advice to newcomers. If you spend time studying, at some point you will become the one who helps beginners.



  • Investing layers - what is the appreciation? What are the limits? What are the rules?

    The following rules are set in the BTC layers:

    Zero layer (wallet) - without appreciation, serves as deposit and withdrawal layer, the withdrawals can be realized immediately.

    1st layer (investment) - an appreciation of 6% per annum, the time of transfer of the investment to the zero layer is 1 month, with possibility of interest transfer after 1 week.

    2nd layer (investment) - an appreciation of 10% per annum, the possibility of transferring the investment to the zero layer is 1 year, with possibility of interest transfer after 1 month.

    On these BTC layers, we are testing a totally new valuation system, whereby a net output in the form of interest is derived from a static investment.

    In the aFiat (aUSD, aGBP, aEUR, etc.) layers, the following benefits and limitations are set:

    Zero layer (wallet) - without appreciation, serves as deposit and withdrawal layer, and the withdrawals can be realized immediately.

    1st layer (balance + partial interest) - An appreciation of 3% per annum, partial interest can be moved immediately, the transfer of funds takes 24 hours from confirmation of the transfer to the zero layer.

    2nd layer (balance + output) - An appreciation of 6% per annum, output can be moved once every 3 days, the transfer of funds take 7 days from confirmation of the transfer to the zero layer.

    3rd layer (balance + output) - An appreciation of 9% per annum, output can be moved once every 7 days, the transfer of funds take 30 days from confirmation of the transfer to the zero layer.

    4th layer (balance + output) - An appreciation of 12,5% per annum, output can be moved once every 30 days, the transfer of funds take 365 days from confirmation of the transfer to the zero layer.

    5th layer (balance + output) - An appreciation of 17% per annum, output can be moved once every XX days, the transfer of funds take 365 days from confirmation of the transfer to the zero layer.

    Until individual layers' required activities are met, the user has half the appreciation.

    Tasks and activities are listed for each layer, after completion, these tasks layers are unlocked. By completing available  tasks, new members demonstrate their asset to the community of Arbolet and that they are not an unpredictable financial burden. If they are capable members who get actively involved, they will also benefit from more favorable terms based on their own merits. Unfortunately this was neccessary due to an increasing amount of members, who were registered with  us only because of appreciation from layers.

    The percentage of capital appreciation is the sum of the balance and partial interest, divided by half. For instance,  the 3rd aFiat (aUSD, aGBP, aEUR, etc.) layer has an appreciation of 9% per month, which means that the balance has an appreciation at 4.5% and a partial interest of 4.5% which can be withdrawn faster. You can find a full illustration of this scheme on the Arbolet website.

    Transfers between the layers are unrestricted downwards. When going downwards in layers, it is necessary to calculate the time limits for withdrawals when calculating the finance on the layer. Transfer of finances from outputs are unlimited between layers. For instance, the 3rd layer output can be transferred immediately to any of the active layers every 7 days.

    The active layer is a layer on which a minimum deposit is present. Layers 1 and 2 do not have a minimum deposit, and these two layers are active automatically. The 3rd layer has a minimum of USD 442 and the 4th layer of USD 1 326. At the time of the transfer of finance to a downward layer, the capital is redistributed depending on layer, to the parts that flow to the target layer each day.

    Example: I have 1 000 USD in the 2nd layer and I want to transfer 700 USD to the zero layer (wallet). The time of the withdrawal process is 7 days. The balance is divided into two parts 700 USD and 300 USD. 700 USD is divided by the time limit of the layer (in the case of 2nd Layer it is 700 / 7), whereby every day (in 00:00 GMT +1) 100 USD is transfered to the zero layer. There still remains a 300 USD balance in the 2nd layer, which is further appreciated and in 7 days I have an amount of 700 USD at the zero layer.


  • Is it possible to send money from Arbolet to a current bank account and vice versa?

    Of course it is possible, but not directly. Bank transfers are available via exchanges. For inexperienced members, we have easy, step-by-step guides and video tutorials.


    Thanks to the exclusive cooperation of Arbolet and Smenarnabtc.cz, this exchange sends and accepts bitcoins through bank transfers under absolutely unbeatable market conditions. It is convenient, efficient, instant, fair and mainly simple for beginners.

    Deposit instructions (bank transfer to Arbolet)


    Withdrawal instruction (bank transfer from Arbolet)



    How does the Smenarnabtc.cz work and what are its benefits?



  • BTC Deposits - How many confirmations are required?

    Confirmations for incoming transactions into your wallet are required to avoid fraudulent transactions. Although many bitcoin services require up to 6 confirmations, we only need 3. So you will not wait long, the amount will be credited in minutes. If a double spend occurred by a user (a type of fraud if you use the same BTC for multiple payments) or other system circumvention, your transactions will need 6 confirmations.


  • How do I activate a second (BTC or CZK) wallet?

    Desktop version:


    Mobile version:


    In the mobile version, you activate a second wallet in the side menu by clicking on the wallet and then the CZK or BTC (whichever you want to activate).





  • BTC withdrawal - how long does it take?

    If these are lower amounts up to several bitcoins, the transfer is usually immediate within a few minutes. In the case of higher amounts, it is sometimes necessary to wait for our withdrawal addresses to be added depending on current balances. If you are planning a larger withdrawal, it is advisable to contact us by email in advance to eliminate possible delays. It is more of a precautionary arrangement if, for example, more members choose to withdraw a high amount at the same time. We only keep the daily average of withdrawals in our hot wallet for safety reasons.

    If suspicious activity is detected, our control mechanism can automaticallya block user's withdrawals. For instance, the creation of many accounts from one IP address, launching attack scripts, etc. If accidental misunderstandings occur, then this temporary block will be promptly resolved.

    If an account is actively parcipating in the following activities: reading articles, accomplishing quests and quizzes, opening layers, time spent on the page, regular BTC deposits and withdrawals, and If IP address are not suspicious our automatic, the system will not block you. Such active accounts are important for us.


  • Who pays the fees to miners for deposits and withdrawals?

    Standard fees for Bitcoin network transactions are always paid by Arbolet.

    The only exception is when a user would like make a higher transaction and thereby pay an acceleration fee, which you can choose when sending a payment. In this case, Arbolet will pay the standard fee for you and  you will have to pay the rest.


  • Where do you get the conversion rate between CZK and BTC?

    Primarily, we follow Bitstamp.net, the advantage of which is high liquidity. The conversion rate between CZK / BTC wallet is subsequently reduced by our 0.25% (up to 1 BTC) or 0,5% fee (you can convert maximum 3 BTC per one conversion). If you convert within 10 minutes more than twice, you will have to fill Captcha. This restriction was set up as prevention due to scalping.

    Any transfers between CZK and BTC zero layer by means of automatic software is prohibited.


  • What if Bitstamp.net stops running?

    If Bitstamp stops running, we will automatically switch to the Huobi exchange rate, and if Huobi stops running, we would automatically switch to the Btcc exchange to keep the 24/7 trading option. Both exchanges have very similar rates and similar traded volumes.


  • Members forum and who can contribute to it?

    In the members forum, members can advise, suggest improvements to the system, talk about different events and ideas, or discuss a variety of topical issues and trends. Although we recommend that members do not speak vulgarly and adapt their vocabulary, we can not guarantee that all discussions are appropriate for children and adolescents. For the time being, the forum is uncensored, because we believe that everybody has the right to express their opinions in any form.

    While it may sometimes seem that some members hate each other, we know from experience that if it is needed, they can cooperate and prove that even a well-functioning community may not love each other. There are simply different people with different opinions, minds and attitudes. Like everywhere else.

    Currently we have a ranking system of members in relation to the forums. Higher ranked users can create new categories, and regular users can create new discussions in these categories. The right to contribute to the discussion will be gained by the new user after completing  the first layer quests or 30 days after the first login. A new member can meanwhile go through the Arbolet website, read important articles, become familiar with community rules and do not create duplicate or inappropriate discussions.

    For general questions at the beginning, we suggest using the support panel on each page.

    Contributions from other members can be up voted and down voted, whereby the creator gets a plus /minus point to his / her karma. Karma is an overall rating from the discussion threadwhich helps to bring quality to the debates. When a member writes a post you can see how it is rated and you can, for example, easily determine if the post is interesting. It should be used forinformative purposes for other members and not as a means of artificially getting higher karma points.

    Everyone can choose their own nickname and set up a profile picture. Nickname is invariable, so no one can create multiple profiles. Some nicknames are forbidden, such as ARBX and number, Arbolet, system, administrator, etc. in order to prevent deception or misunderstandings.

    Only privileged members can create closed discussions that others can not see and choose who sees and contributes in them.

    In the discussions section of the forumwe created a small dictionary (all in one) at the bottom right where people can search our glossory of terms and crypto terminology. As a further addition, we plan to roll-out a member created encyclopedia of professional expressions and terminological abbreviations.


  • Why not to use Internet Explorer?

    Internet Explorer is obsolete. Although new releases are released, the changes are minimal and the browser still has the same drawbacks.

    - It is much slower than other browsers.

    - It has site compatibility issues. Websites (many, not just Arbolet) are often not correctly displayed, and the functionality of web applications may also be affected.

    - In contrast to other browsers, it has much less functionality and is chaotic.

    - It has many bugs.

    - In terms of safety, it is not very good. It contains security leaks and risks

    We recommend using one of these browsers as an alternative: Opera (http://www.opera.com), Google Chrome (https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/index.html), Mozilla Firefox (https://www.mozilla.org). Their installation is simple and you will certainly appreciate their speed, clarity and safety.

    In new versions of Windows, Microsoft launched the new Edge browser. It has a similar blue "e" icon as Explorer had. This browser should supposedly be better than Explorer, but we also had some problems with it, so we recommend replacing it with one of the above.



  • What is A-Gate and what is it for?

    A-Gate is a sophisticated bitcoin transaction anonymization tool across Arbolet.net's network of accounts. Any person can use it to divide transactions on their own or any other Arbolet account, effectively eliminating any tracking Bitcoin addresses in Blockchain (a public ledger with all recorded bitcoin transactions).


    Simply, if you do not want someone to link your or another Arbolet account through the BTC address and the bank account (which was used to exchange bitcoins in the exchange platform) directly with your person, then this tool is for you.


    We are currently working on A-Gate's new features that will make it very easy to implement this BTC payment gateway into any e-commerce. We will then associate these bitcoin e-commerce into one comprehensive and transparent system that can be used by the entire BTC community.


  • I sent a BTC ammount to the one-time A-Gate address I used earlier. Where are the BTC funds?

    To overview individual addresses you can use our function "manage A-Gate addresses".

    Each one-time address is active 3 days after its creation or last deposit. After this time, the address is automatically archived. If you want to use it again, just click on the "refresh button" in "manage A-Gate addresses".

    If you sent a BTC transfer to a one-off address even when the address was inactive, just click on the "refresh button" and the payment will be credited within 10 minutes.


  • I have an e-shop and I want to receive payment via BTC. What should I do?

    Firstly, we congratulate you on the decision. BTC and other cryptos are beginning to blossom, even in our country, and to a certain extent we have contributed to it and are still leading the market in advocating for their widespread useage. We expect bitcoin knowledge and usage to only increase. Thanks to you and similar people the bitcoin user base will be expanded.

    To be first is always advantageous. As in any other industry, pioneers show direction.

    Now to the point.

    We have built A-Gate  for this purpose, but we do not have an automatic implementation  for now. However, it does not mean we cannot work together. Do send us a link to your product or service, including your  requirements, and we will work with you to get things running.

    In the meantime, you might find this article interesting:


    Once we finish our BTC e-commerce section, you can list your website and  find new customers from the BTC community, for whom each new BTC service is a warm surprise.



  • Will my account be cancelled if it is inactive for a period of time? If so, what is that period?

    In mid-2016, we made a decision that although our service is based on members' activity, we will not apply any such penalization for low activity.

    If a member is a hacker who is attacking our website and he / she does not respond to our reports and if he is not willing or able to use his knowledge for common interests and to reveal bugs, then this is the only relevant reason for canceling an account.

    Any member can cancel their own account at any time by sending a cancellation request to our support team or by doing so in your user account profile (Account Cancellation) and support will contact you to confirm this decision.


  • What if someone hacks and steals all of the bitcoins?

    This case is ruled out. Bitcoins are held on multiple independent addresses and always one or more team members have access to them, cold wallets are in multisignature wallets. In addition to BTC, we hold other assets, so theft of the essential part of Arbolet's capital is almost impossible.


  • How long will I remain logged into Arbolet without activity?

    Arbolet will automatically log you off after 2 hours of inactivity. However, if you want to enable a further security measure,  you can activate the wallet PIN in the setting. This is a 4-digit PIN, which you must always enter when you access the wallet even when you are logged in. In the settings, you can choose to lock your wallet by PIN after your selected idle time, eg after 5 minutes.


  • How are you protected from hacker attacks?

    We do what we can. If we explain the details here, we would probably help hackers. Financial funds  are  spread over many accounts with different input data, making complete alienation unlikely. If a hacker is found on the network, we would attempt to communicate with the hackers and learn from their attack in improving security measures.

    We protect the data in the database, but if you want 100% anonymity, we recommend using  a newly created e-mail account. We will never ask you for the address.


  • Can multiple accounts run on one IP address?

    Given that we have begun to collect IP addresses in a secure database to reduce the threat of hacking attacks, illegal actions on the part of some users, and the possibility of attacking member accounts,  a multi-member household would need to write us in advance  to inform Arbolet  that several accounts would like access  on one IP. The system could otherwise automatically suspend your accounts, for example, due to suspicion of unauthorized access and the so-called marauding action.

    What can users do to prevent malicious activity?

    IP logging is a measure we use to secure accounts on the network. Everyone can activate IP logging in their profile to check activity on their account and be informed of any possible fraudelent actions. If a user detects that his account has been infiltrated by an unknown address, we recommend that you change your access passwords immediately. There is also a feature in the profile whereby a member can delete all recorded IP accesses. We also recommend that you carefully guard email address access which you use to login to your Arbolet account. We can only send neccessary recovery data to your email.

    Protect your login data just like passwords from regular internet banking, safe deposit boxes, or a personal safe.




  • What steps can I personally take to protect my member account?

    The first important thing is a strong password. To both your Arbolet account and your email (which can be used to restore your account). Both passwords should be different, at least 8 characters long. It should contain both uppercase and lowercase letters, digits, and special characters such as "! - ( , %" etc. The password should be random and not contain specific words, dates, house numbers, etc. The password should be stored safely. If you lose  your account password, you can restore it by means of email. If you forget both passwords, unforunately your account is lost.

    You can enable a 4-digit PIN in your profile. You can also enable IP address detection, whereby the potential intruder will be apparent. Higher anonymity for untraceable transactions may be provided by A-Gate.

    You can also enable the two-factor authentication in your profile. If you enable this feature, you will need to enter a six-digit code during login. You will see this code in FreeOTP or Google Authenticator which you can install on any Android or iOS. The system is very simple to set up and even easier to use. It is a practical way to move your account to the next level of security. See the Help.



In general

  • Are you a crypto fanatic or a radical?

    We are highly motivated enthusiasts. However, we do not run around with Bitcoin scarves over the face and shout Bitcoin Akbar! We do not shoot bank clients ;)

    We believe in a peaceful demonstration of dissatisfaction, which lies in the utilization and understanding of the freedom of cryptocurrencies. Anyone who has an interest in this manner can use our system to begin their transition to this alternative path and gradually learn all aspects of crypto economics.

    Our goal is to show people the way and help them in the first few steps, but then they must take initiative to go further.



  • It's so incredibly good and is it real?

    We think that bank world is too disadvantageous and bad. Otherwise, of course, thank you for praise.


  • I have an idea how to change the user interface. Are you interested in this?

    We continually strive to improve, adapt and streamline our service, and we will only be grateful for your ideas and input. Our mission is to make Arbolet the best user-friendly wallet by also listening to the requests and suggestions of the community.


  • Do you plan to add more cryptocurrencies?

    Of course we are looking to implement other altcoins in the near future. But first, we must perfect what we already have, and then once we are confident everything is secure and working appropriately, we will add more alternative wallets, with tools to convert between them. The first altcoin wallet could come out on Arbolet in 2018 / 2019. At present, however, we are working diligently to get the system fully running bug-free.


  • Is it necessary to be anonymous to be a member?

    Although we believe that everyone should protect their privacy, it is not necessary. At Arbolet, we provide the possibility of anonymity to people who are interested in this, and cannot find it in another service.

    In any case, even if we know the identities of some of our members, we pledge by a code of ethics to not release this data to anyone and will be safely store it.

    We teach people about how to become anonymous on the internet, every member can, at least from a preventive point of view, learn something about this topic and use it once it is really needed.


  • What is actually that bitcoin arbitrage?

    Simple arbitrage involving many accounts on exhchanges is a basic strategy used by those who takes advantage of different rates on the various BTC exchanges.

    How does it work? You buy assets on one exchange and sell on another one with profit. We showed this strategy in the original Arbolet animation "From the bank account and back" back in 2015 when we were involved in arbitrage trading. This strategy is still profitable, but profits show a downward trend in this strategy. Competition is growing and markets are becoming more efficient. Without innovation, we can not get a big profit.

    Delay risk is eliminated by splitting assets. Dividing BTC and fiat currency into both exchanges, so that you have both BTC and fiat currency immediately available. In this way, we do not have to take any exchange rate risk.

    Please note, our usage of the term "arbitration" is not based on general terminology, it is our internalphrase use

    Now, imagine that we are implementing this on a number of different fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies and on many exchanges, with adequate capital and risk management. With the help of automatic AI processing based on thorough cost-pricing software which searches for opportunities and at the same time, enables the automation of steps together with human decision making capabilities.

    Arbitrage in Arbolet’s Terminology: Term Explained.

    The use of the word "arbitrage" may seem misleading or inaccurate. Arbitrage is understood in the broader sense and as an opportunity where we can determine potential of profit while defining the risk accurately.

    Example: website traffic

    You buy a website with "xyz" features for $10,000. Websites are tradeable commodities and can generate profit when sold, just like any other company. You know that if you increase web traffic and make some technical changes, you could sell it for $40,000 - $80,000 in 1 - 6 months. Of course this involves extensive know-how in the given area, but in which field can you have excellent results without being sufficiently oriented?

    People would like to have 100% certainity and guaranteed profit when involved in arbitrage. And this is not entirely impossible, but reaching that level of certainty is only possible with extensive experience. Let's suppose that we have done a similar trade 100 times with 4 losses. In this case, we gain certainty and in this case we use the term "arbitration". For successful trading, it is always neccessary to gain an advantage in the long run.



  • Are you considering making your own "A-coin"?

    For this purpose, we have created "Akredits", which is a numerical representation of a member’s actual activity, testifying to a member's effort at self-education and a general interest in the crypto cause and Arbolet. For the time being, they are still unchangeable and inapplicable. In the future, we plan to build a member currency based on "Akredits" that we believe will be better off than Bitcoin, which has drawbacks for microtransactions.


  • Why am I not getting a commission for my invited friends?

    The word "friend" has a very powerful meaning for us, which we do not want to misinterpret and abuse.

    In other words - making money by exploiting friends is not something we want to support.

    We do not want to run this type of affiliate program, it is enough for our members to simply bring their trusted friends and family to Arbolet from their own interest, so that we gradually create a strong and collaborative community. Only with a strong team can we do great things.

    With that said, we have come up with a concept that includes a completely innovative look at the invitations reward system - A member who has invited a friend, only gets a reward after they train the invited member, as well as help them with the first steps on the website. The reward is also given to the invited person for actively participating in self-education  by completing quests in the individual layers. (this reward system was cancelled in 2017 due to abusing).

    These tasks are structured so that complete novices in cryptocurrencies can easily and gradually complete individual tasks and learn the essentials. The completion of the tasks also allow the user to see the VCJ articles. In this section, the individual can then apply these new skills and start using their potential for meaningful and profitable activities.



  • Do you use any social media?

    For general questions and advice, please join to our EN Telegram group.




  • Are you planning to operate in multiple languages?

    Yes, we are in progress.


  • How long do you plan to be active and running?

    Our whole team takes Arbolet as our own child, for which we have not slept for months, taking care of it and trying to make it extraordinary. We understand this project as a breakthrough in the new cyber world, an alternative to the malfunctioning banking system and, at the same time, to help even thousands of people. This is the idea that holds us together. Moreover, we know exactly how we will profit ourselves.

    Arbolet has enough potential to keep keep running for years to come, possibly over generations.



  • Helping people to get educated and work with Bitcoin tools into a new free world! Is this your holy mission?

    Holy mission? This may be a little exaggerated. Rather, we believe that it is something we are passionate about and good at.  We help people, on the other hand they help to us to create an educated and active community with similar goals and interests. A while back, nobody was interested in cryptocurrencies. The founders of Arbolet wanted to join such a community, but none existed so they created their own. What else could they do.



  • What if Bitcoin or Arbolet would some day be forbidden in the Czech Republic, What about AML Legislation?

    3 Questions, 3 Answers.

    How did you resolve the AML (anti-money laundering) legislation that applies to BTC as of 1.1.2017?

    AML has been solved quite ideally. Our service does not directly accept fiat money via bank transfer or other conventional providers. AML applies to exchange offices that have to verify their clients at higher deposits. AML was put into practice right at the beginning of January. We are only a third party that is only receiving Bitcoin. Thanks to the overall concept of our service, we are outside the scope of the supervision of  authorities. We do not need licenses, we can remain anonymous founders and avoid unpleasant regulations such as verifying our own members.

    We recommend following the CNB statement, which we published here:


    Maybe you were thinking:..and what if the law was extended and Blockchain would need to verify BTC accounts?

    It is not possible. Bitcoin is worldwide, and the Czech laws have nothing to do with it.

    In other words, it is almost as if the law in the Czech Republic has been enacted so that from now on all over the world, for example, all the inhabitants of the planet must give a high five when they meet each other, or instead use dollars and euros to pay via golden hrivnya or fur. Well, as we know our politicians, they might do it, but we would like to see how they will force the whole world…:)

    In fact, it could only be done by mutual agreements between Russia, The USA, China, India and other big countries. Let's admit  that they are not able to agree on anything. We would rather leave out the problems of the international situation.

    What if BTC in the Czech Republic was forbidden, or subject to taxes or other restriction by the State?

    We recommend reading this arrticle on this topic: https://arbolet.net/clanek/826-dane-a-bitcoin

    Regulators would likely try to officially forbid Arbolet rather than Bitcoin. We would really like to see such "promotion" of how regulators from the Czech Republic will try to take over our servers in Panama.

    Even if any of this were to happen, we would take quick notice and redirect the system elsewhere in minutes. This is quite interesting. The Czech regulators can not jeopardize us at all. In fact, the government can think of anything, but it just will not stop us. They can limit us physically. Even if our identities were revealed, we can run Arbolet from anywhere in the world. We are in the Czech Republic, because it is our country and we have here contacts, families and acquaintances here. We could just as easily work from the other side of the planet or on a ship in international waters. In short, in exile until the political situation has changed fundamentally.

    Soon, Arbolet's community will be able to manage itself and we will not have to do too many interventions. At that point,  even  if faced with physical liquidation, it would not  stop our plan. Perhaps we would become martyrs and people would be more inclined to act. However, since we are pushing for a non-violent change, we would rather postpone our death :)


  • I'm not sure if this is not a scam again! How do I verify it?

    Frankly, If you think we are a scam, please do not sign up and watch our activity from a distance. Leave your funds in your banks that you absolutely trust.


  • Money in the Czech Republic banks are guaranteed by the state. Does Arbolet have any guarantee?

    Absolutely none. By the way, the Greek and Cyprus money in banks were also guaranteed by their respective states. 

    Just as BTC guarantees its functionality by the trust of its users, Arbolet also provides its services to those with whom it has built up trust. We will not convince you of our good intentions. We are just humans. We are trying to create something extraordinary, and if you do not trust us, do not give a penny into Arbolet . It would not make sense. You have a certainty in the bank, leave your money there until you are sure you can trust us. Then you can consider whether we are beneficial or not.


  • I'm rather cynical, and I think that Arbolet is just an unrealistic utopia

    Utopia is possible to a certain degree of probability, and sometimes becomes an actual possible future. You have to want and go tenaciously ahead. Otherwise, you will never achieve anything, you will drown in your own cynical and gloomy view of the evil and unchangeable outer world. It is probably true that inside every cynic there is essentially the soul of a very disappointed idealist.

    Otherwise, yes. Is that what you want to hear it? We are a system utopia. But that does not mean that we will fail.


  • Are you not just a bubble, a ponzi, or a pyramid scheme?

    All of these names describe a program where people put money in because of financial appreciation, but their profits are paid out from deposits by new users.

    In such programs, people who have come in the beginning make money and  most of the people who have come later will usually lose their money. We understand that it may seem to someone that the interest rates are unrealistic. Again, we must point out that unless we are able to manage on rising capital, we will adjust interest rates. Everyone in this case, of course, will be able to decide about the future of their own money.

    The money that members of the Arbolet community invest in is actively trading in the global cryptocurrency market. If you read more in detail how we do it, you will see that achieving such an appreciation is possible on today's rising cryptocurrency market.

    To prove that we are not a scam, we stopped accepting new members at the beginning of April 2016 for half a year to be  devoted to the improvement of the system.



  • Whoever has a clean conscience does not hide

    Who has a pure conscience does not hide? What about Superman, Batman, Spiderman or any other famous comic hero. He fights under his own mask (costume, mask), but in society he has his own identity. They use anonymity to hold his enemies far away from his family and acquaintances in order to protect them.

    We also protect not only us, but our families, and our entire community. Once banks, bureaucratic institutions, exhchanges and other services will notice what we do, they might decide to destroy us with whatever it takes. Castro and Che Guevara were also hiding in the mountains. Kozina and Janosik hid in the woods. Hus was also hiding in front of the canon law. Milada Horáková, Oldřich Pecl, Záviš Kalandra and Jan Buchal should also have hid, instead of being executed as a warning of the Communist regime. They all had pure conscience and intentions, but what they ultimately proved to  not be good enough. There are even dozens, perhaps even hundreds of similar cases. The disadvantage of that time was that they did not have the internet. We can not compare with them, of course, but we mentioned them to respond to the previous question

    We have also never said that we want to hide forever. We might be crazy from it. One day we might uncover our identities. We are not any well-known personalities, prisoners or freaks, we are not hiding because of these reasons. We are normal people who are simply uncertain about what could happen to them if we were exposed to the public, and how it could change our lives. The decision whether to reveal our identities and when it will be is on us and no one has the right to force us to do it. If we do that, firstly we make sure that this will be the best for Arbolet. It would be proof about our credibility and also the last piece of the puzzle, and the next step towards an unrivaled competition of the foreign markets as well.


  • I still do not believe

    I do not blame you at all. We ourselves once at certain moments had stopped believing that we could do it at all. In December 2015, we made the service public. Before that, we worked in the deepweb under the nickname ARBX (nothing to do with ARBX from Cape Town which ended up being a scam). We are simply people with certain abilities that we are now trying to use for the change that everybody wants. We are creating something what is unique in the Czech Republic and probably in the world.

    Do you know for example this video? http://www.videacesky.cz/navody-dokumenty-pokusy/co-kdybyste-se-uz-nikdy-nemuseli-starat-o-penize-fusion

    We think that this is already partially possible today and we think that you are not the first to not believe in it at the beginning.


  • Such high interests cannot be earned and are completely unsustainable!

    It seems you may not have imagination or knowledge and direct experience of online trading. We will reach these interests in  the long term. We have already tested many industries where errors, imperfections or different market conditions can be utilized. We are willing to debate these cases. We believe that we can also surprise any "expert" who will try to question the possibilities of profitability of our system. Whatever you think, we are no beginners and everything is thought over and calculated ahead  for the future. We also did not plan the entire Arbolet project overnight.

    You can write or think whatever, but what about to persuade yourself?

    Frankly, if you accuse us that we are not able to reach our goals without discussion and you do not allow us to respond to questions, you only prove that you have not even minimum knowledge, or you are afraid, that we would prove your mistakes correctly.

    It is clear that our description of how we function is not complete and is rather general. If after your own bitter experience, you invent, test and finally put into operation your own system, you probably realize that publishing all details and its parameters is not the best idea for its future proper functioning.

    If you talk to us  in a direct seriou sconversation, and you convinceus about your credibility and experience (in short, that you understand the problem), we are able to show you details in practice on one of the basic projects. Of course, only on the condition that you do not disclose these details. If it does. future discussions will end.

    We have already said that a hundred times. If we do not manage to keep up with the growing number of members and capital, we will reduce appreciation. We are not fools and we know very well that we will not make the same trade with a million as with a billion. We are not magicians.


  • Are you a charity that is helping people?

    Although we support several charity projects, we are not a charity project. We are building an unregulated and limitless business in Bohemia, which does not know most entrepreneurs here. We are not Robin Hood, the Red Cross, or the Salvation Army. We have financial plans and  high rate return financial investments. The fact that our help is earned by other people is basically a secondary effect of our work. On the other hand, their gratitude is a driving force for our satisfaction, and the strengthing community around our thoughts is something literally indescribable. We do it mainly for ourselves, our families and close members who rely on us.

    The seven co-founders are not any saints with  a halo above the head. In the past, most of us had done bad things, about  which we certainly are not proud of. We do not justify them, but we do not regret them either, because we have gained experience. Without that experience, we would not achieve  what we are doing today. The present activity is a certain redemption for us from previous life faults, now we can have a pure conscience and proudly look at ourselves in the mirror. However, we still have a far road to become philanthropists. We came from the very dark depths of the wild world, where only one law is valid – the strongest is the winner. No romance, but a gloomy, hard and slimy reality, from which you  always take scars on the soul. These experiences either break or strengthen you. It matters to every individual.

    Who do you expectwill be able to manage, operate effectively with your resources and lead the upcoming financial revolution in our country? Mother Teresa?


  • Do I have to pay taxes from the Arbolet earnings? If so, how?

    Earnings from Arbolet is taxed like any other income. Taxation occurs only when bitcoins from Arbolet are transferred to the exchange office and exchanged for the fiat currency. At that moment, the customary laws on income tax apply to you. 


    If you have funds on your wallet, whether in BTC, CZK, EUR or USD, you do not have to pay taxes. Even though the wallet is named USD, there is aUSD, not a fiat currency.




  • What is the reason that you have to be anonymous?

    The reason is not one, there are many reasons. We will try to summarize them:

    1. Anonymity itself has been linked to Bitcoin from the beginning, the Bitcoin P2P network was established as decentralized, uncontrollable, unregulated and non-taxable.
    2. Glory both corrupts and threatens. Therefore, it would not be pleasant for us to read about ourselves and our family in the tabloid media.
    3. Fighting the system with your own face is a beautiful idea. In the fight, however, the system hunts the face which is trying to disgrace and destroy it. This is not only about you personally, but also about people you know and love. Risking your own life is one thing, but in this context, the decision to step out of the shadows automatically becomes an encompassing responsibility for overturning the lives of your loved ones. Your decision is your personal responsibility. You can never take that decision back, and only regret it later.
    4. How can we guarantee anonymity to anyone if we were not ourselves anonymous? Then we would not guarantee even the safety of the saved money and personal data.
    5. We do not want to be just names, but it is about creating an idea, a symbol that can inspire people and lead them. Names are transient and easy to destroy. A symbol persists.
    6. We are an example for the members by advising and showing in a variety of articles how to protect their privacy on the Internet. If we did not behave according to these recommendations, we would be hypocrites. We would preach water and drink wine.
    7. Exchanges and similar official firms are based offshore at the end of the world, no one knows their real directors and investors. Formerly MTGox, the most famous crypto exchange, had long manipulated the market and robbed its clients of funds. In the end, the CEO was punished , not the unknown owners . Who really owns Bitfinex? No one knows for certain (formal leadership is there, but who are those investors who have an influence on the business?). Moreover, the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, is also anonymous. He definitely has reasons for doing so. According to the above mentioned reasons, Bitcoin itself could be a fraud, and who knows, maybe our entire financial system.
    8. Banks, financial institutions, state administrations, bailiffs, etc. are not anonymous, they are public. Does that prevent their public identity from behaving abominably towards people?
    9. It is quite possible that at some point in the future, the activity of our community will not be welcomed to someone with great influence and power. What would you feel, if you always woke up  with  uncertainty and fear about yourself or your children? What if a gangster were to visit my parents to extort money? Which government agency will want access to members' sensitive data, and what will they use as a threat? What temporary regulation will come to stop us or destroy us? If this is not a meaningful and clearly understandable reason for anonymity, then there is probably nothing.
    10. It is our right to be anonymous. No authority can force us to reveal our identify. Jurisdiction of the current state financial control and oversight begins and ends with the FIAT currency. We have a pure crypto tool that does not fit into any current regulated sector in the Czech Republic. We are not saying that this will last forever. A well known restriction phrase about money laundering, drug distribution, child pornography, arms trade, prostituation and terrorism can be invoked whenever with many arguments.
      However, as long as this is not necessary, we do not currently see a good reason to voluntarily surrender this level of privacy

     Some say anonymity is a paradise for fraudsters. That's also true, but…

    Anonymity is an advantage and a privilege. It is something that you do not obtain automatically, but you have to obtain it yourself. You should know why and how. Nobody else will give it to you.

    Of course there are many positive aspects of revealing our identities. The other side of the coin is well known to us. The credibility, recognition, end of hiding, Bitcoin expansion in the Czech Republic, negotiations with large official websites and companies, open expansions with  large IT companies, a strong community and a startup for a world market, etc. These ideas are very tempting. One day that could perhaps happen, in the meantime, we hope you understand our reservations. 

    Finally, we would like to add a personal question:

    If you imagine yourself as a responsible leader of Arbolet, would the question of anonymity be a clear choice for you?


  • Why do you not borrow funds for your project from a bank or an official investor?

    Banks do not lend money to anonymous financial projects. We generally do not like the banking system, and especially bank loans. The last thing we want would be to support them.

    Honestly, our project is not a standard project, and an official investor would hardly lend money for this purpose. Moreover, we would not be able to set such as favorable conditions, such as attractive appreciation rates, as we do now. If we were an official service, we would lose a tremendous advantage, and we would operate under the authorities' oversight and restrictive regulations. Who would take this risk voluntarily.

    Besides, we are gaining determined, hard working members with whom we can share our views on systemic shortcomings, and who also help us with different projects. In addition, thanks to investing members, we have a solid foundation for our long-term cryptography education plans in the Czech Republic and also our financial plans.

    One day, our service will probably have to be made public. Our goal is to delay it as long as possible.


  • Why do you not provide a private key such as Palatin's TREZOR?

    Private key

    Now we will be very straightforward. We are all too familiar with the current state of affairs. How many people here know what Bitcoin is? What percentage of them know what a private key is?

    Imagine Bitcoin as the Internet before the first public browser was created. Our service / tool is for the inexperienced (the vast majority of our population). We are trying to make using it more simplified for people. If anyone does not know, we will teach them and gradually make it understandable.

    The absence of a private key is a crucial anti-Arbolet argument of Czech "experts."

    Many big BTC companies do not provide a private key. For inexperienced users, possible manipulation of their private keys  is a tremendous security risk. Our members, when using investment layers, give us their trust and agreement to manage their funds, and therefore the responsibility for proper management and financial security is purely on us. We protect our own members from themselves.

    We will definitely implement private keys for the experienced members, estimated schedule is in 2018. However, with the current state of general awareness, it is now pointless and the interest in this option is really minimal in our community.


    Trezor is a great example. I‘m sure, all new users are enthusiastic about the fact that they have to buy a hardware box that they do not understand at all, and pay $100. Do not get us wrong, but this is definitely not the right way of how to start an alternative path with cryptocurrencies. In any case, we must say that it is a very safe and essentially breakthrough technological device to save and send BTC. Trezor however, is focused on those who are deeply interested in the issue. It is clear, that nowadays in the early stages of cryptocurrencies, this can not be a mass affair.


  • What do you gain from it? What profit do you gain by allowing people to use your system?

    One way we earn some profit is through the revenue we withhold, which is slightly above the the rate of appreciation of investment layers. Also, we have  a considerably higher capital for our arbitrages and trading. As we said, we do not do this just for money. We are returning to the roots anonymous payments and the freedom of human beings on the Internet. Many thankful letters have confirmed our own humanity and a sense of satisfaction. Belief is a powerful drive.

    We would like to see hundreds of such "awakened" people around us.

    We kept saying that someone had to get it started. The others did not do it, so we started and it is completely logical. The Bitcoin market in the Czech and Slovak Republics has an incredible growth potential, and more and more people understand it because of our project. In the end, we would point out that  true power comes from the will of the people. Therefore, the idea of ​​an emerging and collaborating community, such as Arbolet, was and is very welcomed. This is why members who can continually develop is perhaps more important for us now. A reliable and loyal member base has more value in the long term than the money that we can earn. The best investment is into capable people.



  • Why do you not provide any official statements and statistics here such as deposits, withdrawals, investments, etc.?

    Arbolet users have their data and all sensitive information protected. We will not publish them and will not provide them to anyone. Only members who work longer with us on individual projects will be able to access statistics about projects on which these members co-work. However, no member has access to personal statistics about other members.

    If we release statistics on our investments, we have no way of demonstrating in which projects we generated financal returns. We redistribute earnings not only in progressive arbitration operations but also in long-term projects whose profitability can not be simply determined in a specific time. If we publicly provide evidence of our profitable actions, we will be unable to continue the same practices, as revealed investment opportunity loses its worth. We can release numbers, but not the documents. However, even that wouldn‘t help as these numbers would be easily questionable, inconclusive and useless. We can only determine from our internal statistics what kind of appreciation can be used for a certain capital spreadout between a given number of active members at a particular time. It is our personal know-how to which the public is not entitled. Only few members have these rights and there is no reason to provide it to anyone outside of our close community core.

    Just as we respect the privacy of our members, so they respect ours.

    We understand the right to information, but members should understand our right to privacy, which simply does not allow us to issue statistics and financial flow data, as then anyone could trace the owners of the addresses, accounts, etc. Anonymity would lose sense, appreciation would drop, and the project would have to become public. We do not want to, and we will not, do such a dilettante mistake.

    It is clear to us that this is precisely the fundamental problem someone can blame us for - having suspicious intentions. Not delivering statistics = they must be hiding something = fraud. We understand it and it makes sense.

    Yes, we are hiding something. Try to imagine this by visiting a new neighbor. You probably will not tell everything about yourself, not show him where you are hiding money and valuables, whats more, you do not provide your bank account details and safe combinations. If you already know someone very well, and you trust him, in that case you do it, but with a great consideration for consequences. It is your personal property, and if he forces you to release this information, he is either a thief or a fool that does not respect the privacy of others.

    The logical conclusion is that my neighbor has no money in my custody, and I do not owe him appreciation of his money.

    Our answer is equally logical. Do not give money to us and invest somewhere else according to your best judgment, but do not blame us that we do not provide something that could endanger us, and our members.



  • Do you want Bitcoin to be mainstream? It always belongs to the underground!

    We have a radical attitude towards this issue, we know there are people who will disagree. Even so, we will try to sum up our arguments.

    The media, and especially the boulevard press, constantly present us with mainstream values ​​and themes that will attract, shock and appear cool at first glance. No wonder. They value the highest number of website visits and financial turnover. In such a system, where the majority decides about trends, it is perfectly logical that even some of the really serious or at least important topics, which mostly arise from the underground, are in the shadow of public interest. Regardless, we do not want to judge the mass media.

    Not many people know about Bitcoin, due to the fact that most people, as we know, focus on popular topics, which are currently based on the largest readers‘ demand. It is precisely this demand that is the key factor for the media. If Bitcoin starts to expand, then only in this case will the public get informed from the mass media. And yes, we can talk about  interest groups who prefer to delay this process of awareness. In short, the last thing that the banking sector would want is a large group of people who circumvent the banking system by means of Bitcoin.

    Bitcoin originated and still is in the underground. Currently, only certain "privileged" groups of people are using Bitcoin, who are surely glad that the Bitcoin phenomenon is lesser known in the Czech Republic. The style of writing and  talking  by some crypto enthusiasts and programmers sometimes appears as a tragicomedy. If someone inexperienced gets to such an article, then after reading a couple of sentences he is discouraged and tells himself: "it is too complicated for me, I'm too old or too stupid to understand". It is as if you are starting to explain the banking system to a group of Neanderthals. Therefore there is a need to explain these things in a simplified gradual way.

    Changes and new ideas come from the underground. Even the last Czech revolution against Communism arose from a suppressed underground, and eventually found a way to spread amongst most people. At that moment, it became undeniably mainstream so that eventually it overwhelmed the whole system and government. In our opinion, Bitcoin has been underground for too long. If you can provide information in an understandable manner, then everybody could understand its functions and principles. We also believe that every Bitcoin user may not be an expert. How many people understand the function of the central bank in detail, how money is created, what causes inflation, etc.? Yet money is commonly used with just the knowledge of how and where to pay with it. Most people feel antipathy to banks, but they do not know how to escape from them.

    Why should every Czech know what Karel Gott had for lunch yesterday, rather than that there is an alternative  to banking corporations? Bitcoin is in the underground in the Czech Republic, because no one is interested in informing ordinary people.

    If these ideas are accepted in the next upcoming years, the mainstream in the Czech Republic will change.


  • What about the name "Arbolet‘ - was, or is it still, a provocative form of promotion (due to the play of words with the Czech word for ponzi scheme)?

    Maybe yes, maybe not. One day we will reveal how the name came about, and how we had planned our entire entry in the smallest detail. We are looking forward to doing it publicly and perhaps our marketing strategy will change. But that day has not come yet. Would you want the magician to reveal all his tricks before the show?

    However, we have already indicated that our name is not random.

    Quote from an upcoming book:

    "...only a charity can expect pure positive advertisement..."


  • Do you want to create a service that will have a monopoly on cryptocurrencies and mainly Bitcoin on the local market?

    We think that we have said enough indirectly, but if you want such a simple and honest answer, then...


    When there is virtually no competition in our country, cryptocurrencies spread and develop very fast, it seems to us to be a rational intent, therefore we do our best to be the best in our country.

    Sooner or later, someone else will do it. We were lucky that we started earlier ;)

    Maybe someone would do it altogether differently and maybe better, but on the other hand, everyone can try it. We certainly would not want to restrict the beginnings of other alternative services. It is in the interest of our community to increase possibilities surrounding cryptos. We will be glad to offer help should someone ask us for advice or support.




  • Simple question. Why do you not mark yourself as a normal BTC wallet?

    Simple Answer: Because then, the majority of the population would not notice us.

    Try to go to the streets with a questionnaire and ask, for example, 50 random respondents what the BTC abbreviation means. Probably from 49 you will get a hesitant answer similar to this: Becherovka, Tonic, Cider. If we want to change this, then only by a controversial, socio-cultural shocking way, can it be done. Ask them subsequently about what they dislike about current politics, taxes, banks, and so on. These answers would be clear and without hesitation. When you ask them about a  solution, you will learn that, for example, besides  hunting the political elite, there is no solution. First of all, people have to understand why they should start being interested in crypto (WHY?), After that, introducing them to the overall concept and providing a specific solution (HOW?). Vice versa it does not work.

    Most people will not pay attention to the "HOW" explanations, because they do not know "WHY" they should perceive and absorb specific information at all. They have no reason to do so. First of all, it is necessary to find common ground and to establish a basic level on which to evolve further. We all remember, for example, at school where teachers were absurdly explaining specific theories, but not paying attention to the general, real usability in practice. As a result, most of us did not care about what we learnt. In short, Arbolet set out on the path of education from the level of the general problem to seeking concrete solutions. There is no demand without enough supply.

    You can ask the former owner of "BTCpenezenka.cz" how well the operation of a normal Bitcoin wallet works. We personally would say that not that much.

    We are not a normal Bitcoin wallet - We are a complex instrument of the modern financial revolution.



  • How can I participate in the Arbolet project and can I help?

    We are delighted to cooperate with every active and new member who, for example, advises those less experienced in discussions, writes articles, supports us with their own site, or simply spreads awareness of cryptocurrencies . In the past, we created a project page for selected members who wrote that they wanted to do something, but did not know how to get started – Click here for a look. The website and the tasks are not up-to-date, but it has turned out to be a  really useful way of supporting a person who seeks new opportunity in this world.

    Many of those who have shown interest and diligence are today high quality and very helpful members of our community. A few members eventually refused financial support and realized their projects purely from their own pocket. Such an investment in human capital was obviously advantageous and still is. For instance, we still cooperate with the founder of our Facebook page, who has helped us many times with the creation of documents, such as manuals, etc. This is one of our ways to build a stable community.

    So, if anyone were interested in joining forces and joining our member core, we recommend reading the excerpt from the so-called Members' Manifesto here.

    Current members with access to Arbovinek can read the complete version here or see, for example, the article "Nás je málo a ty nemáš co na práci?".


  • With a few friends and later a whole community of people, we have been exploring ways to create a microeconomic system that would be independent of the government, banks and similar contemporary "parasites." Does Arbolet provide a solution?

    This is precisely the main reason for our service. Appreciation layers are only an attempt to arouse interest in the Bitcoin phenomenon we are working with. However, the option to make additional money is a way for many people, who are not involved in Bitcoin, to explore tho whole cryptoworld.

    The goal is to create a microeconomic system with a collaborative, active community of members that will perhaps be completely dissociated from those parasitic banking institutions that, in our opinion, have long been exceeding  acceptable boundaries  for ordinary people. The origin of our service is, in this context, an equivalent to the law of "action and reaction," or "yin and yang."

    Our projects try to achieve this new independent system, of course with the great help of our members, with practical and inexpensive usage such as, for example, our Member Payments. As a sender, you only need to know the recipient's Arbolet ID number (ten digits) and send the correct amount. No fees, anonymously, safely, instantly.

    We have said it many times, but we will repeat it. Someone had to get this revolution started  in our country.


In conclusion

  • After reading the page and all the FAQs, I still think something is not right here. Are you a scam?!

    You got us! In this case, we will end the layers appreciation scheme and Arbolet will become just another BTC wallet with a hundred and one functions. We will apologize to all for our behavior. First of all, write to us your substantiated argument why, and to whom we should apologize.. Just please tell us what we are doing wrong. Seriously. While we believe that we are doing our job properly, your suggestion may at least be a good incentive to think over and correct mistakes, or misunderstandings that are not apparent. Good advice is better than gold.

    If it is possible, then please respond without vulgarism. In their use, otherwise intelligent and well-meaning words of seriousness become lost. It would be a shame if we then can not insert the question and answer into the FAQ.


  • I have an idea for another question in the FAQ.

    Here we go:



If everyone added a helping hand , instead of complaining about the system, there would be no problems at all.

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