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Arbolet - from virtual space to real

21 December 2016, 11:34 | ARBX7

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Some of our members have shown us that you do not have to be a programmer in order to be a useful member of the Arbolet community. Sometimes it's just a good idea, an initiative, a little bit of an effort, and an interesting thing in the world. So how it looks when our virtual project begins to slowly penetrate the real world?


First, we chose a member who made a great video on how to make a selection from Bitcoin ATM. The video is very sophisticated and has already been placed in our tutorials. 

Recently the first Arbolet Bitcoin ATM was installed by one of our members in a very busy location in Pardubice. The ATM has a metal cabinet with our logo that will prevent the optical leakage of sensitive information.


This is also thanks to Bitcomp.cz, that was willing to install this machine.


Other members send us pictures with t-shirts with Arbolet logo or also their cars or motorbikes with our motifs. Even there are Arbolet mug, pens, or keychains, thank you very much for this activity.

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