How to Make Money With Poker

How to Make Money With Poker

Do you want to make money with poker? Then you need to answer a few questions. What should you do to make money with poker? How do you answer these questions? I guess, some people don’t want to know the answer to these questions, because they think it is not important. But, I think that you should know the answers before you do anything and keep repeating the answers until you find out if they work for you or not.

First, you should know that not all books on poker are going to be the same. They differ in rules, tips, probabilities and even the basic layout of the book. So, if you have a book from a guy that says raise 3x the big blind with JJ, while another says only raise with premium hands, you need to find out which theory applies to you. Learn the difference between them and make sure that you are applying the correct theory.

Another way to make money with poker is to learn how the other players play. There are going to be some hands that you can’t beat them and if you stay in the game, you will win. Once you know why someone is folding, you can bet that they have something and bet accordingly.

But, another answer to the question would be that some books are geared to help the average player. They make a lot of claims on being great books, but they are full of information, but not necessarily good books. So, if you are an average player, you might want to look for a book that specializes in Texas Holdem. I did just that.

When I found them, the specialization was there, but the excitement wasn’t for me. I wasn’t sure what to make of the information and I didn’t think they offered finals and analysis. After finding out about Calculating Poker Odds, I thought the best thing to do was to give them a try. I had never used a poker calculator before, but the extra third button in the excel opened up so many more features for me.

Needless to say, I have been back to them since then and have never looked back. I have been able to make more money on the same level of players that I was up against before, and since then I have been making in excess of a 1000% per month. Not a bad deal for a free poker tool.

There is a big difference between a poker calculator and poker books. Some will give you the basics, but won’t help much beyond that. Some will give you great advice, but with nothing in between, so you are learning by examples and your own efforts. With Calculating Poker Odds, you can do immediate math, look at multiple files to see if an opponent is13 to 1 or 2 to 1, and know if you can bluff or not, all at the same time.

Wanna know the secrets that craps pros use to increase their odds of winning?

Let’s find out!

The first step is to learn the probability of a single number coming out as a one for the opposite sign. For example, lets say the number 4 is drawn and you have the 49ers. The probability is 1 in thirteen (of course, minus the number 4, which is the number you have already). To increase your odds, you can play more numbers, or change the game you are playing.

The second step is to learn the best way to bet. Betting in craps means you are betting your money in the hopes that the shooter is going to throw a winning number. You can bet different amounts and have different payouts. You want to increase your odds, so you can make bigger bets or play longer.

The third step is to learn how to protect your hand. In blackjack, for example, if you have a good hand, you can bet the dealer can’t beat what you have. In craps, you can bet the dice can’t be rolled again before a seven comes up, or you can bet the shooter can throw a seven before making a normal throw. Also, you can take back your bets if you think the shooter is going to throw a seven.

Knowing how to protect your hand is a must, since the dealers can charge you five times what you have bet no matter what. If you have a six and the shooter throws a six, you will lose even if the shooter rolls another six. The key here is to make sure the shooter can throw a six and there are less than seven rolls by the time you get another six.

The next time you play, remember to give some attention to the dice and follow the table layout. The dice are where most often there are mistakes made. For example a three and a six might be a better idea than a three and a five, but a three and a eight is a bad idea.